What is #WeAreYQQ?

  • A project to create and support an entrepreneurial culture in the Comox Valley. See current events and workshops here.
  • A way to identify and brand talent and entrepreneurs as “from the Comox Valley” (YQQ is our international airport code, an easy way to tell the world that we’ve got a community of smart, creative, business-friendly people who want to make shift happen in our regional economy).

Inspired by #WeAreYVR and WeAreYVR.ca – which is all about drawing attention to technology startups and innovators in Vancouver.



It’s A Brand

#WeAreYQQ  is way to celebrate Comox Valley talents who are building the future of our community and region – creatives, tech entrepreneurs, innovators. Using the #WeAreYQQ tag is a way of branding the Comox Valley’s rich talent pool. A way to attract attention to what and who we have to offer our locale – and the larger world. It’s something I cooked up in late 2013 as a way to – simply – #tag and talk about people who are making a positive contribution to life in the Comox Valley and beyond. In 2015, with the help of Solution Sponsors, I hosted a speaker and workshop series, launched a couple of monthly business development workshops, and took this whole thing to the next level. It’s simple, and fun. #WeAreYQQ events help tell – as well as helping to create – the story of people making stuff happen in our region.


It’s An Invitation

It’s an invitation to collaborate. To create businesses. To make shift happen. Join us! We’re having fun. We’re sharing what’s good. We’re helping each other out. And, we’re building the kind of collaborative, community-based economy and culture that will keep the Comox Valley a rich and beautiful place to live. For a list of events related to this – as well as other projects I’ve got my hand in – seemy Picatic events page. hpm @hanspetermeyer on Twitter Want to stay up to speed with what’s happening via #WeAreYQQ? Easy peasy.

Upcoming Events

Grow your business with this twice-monthly collaborative business development workshop.
September 21 2016

Entrepreneurs pitching, LIFT Launch Party – and more!
September 28 2016

Our 4th #WeAreYQQ / LIFT Comox Valley Show & Tell, featuring Nazaneen Dizai talking about PR
October 7 2016

Our 5th #WeAreYQQ / LIFT Comox Valley Show & Tell, featuring Steve Morgan talking about the "business generator model"
November 4 2016

The first LIFT Financial Marketplace: crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, accounting - ways & means to grow your local business
November 9 2016

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